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Our range of services

We offer a full range of general dental services and use modern techniques which avoid destroying tooth substance and the need for extractions. For example:- 

Preventive care and oral hygiene

Our experienced hygienist carefully cleans and polishes your teeth, and shows you how to care for your teeth and gums to prevent disease.

White fillings and veneers

Modern dental adhesives allow us to restore teeth with the minimum of drilling and provide stronger restorations with superb natural appearance.                                                                                                                                   Veneers are natural coloured custom-made facings which may be suitable for discoloured teeth.

Crowns and bridges

Crowns may have a precious metal or gold core foundation with matched aesthetic porcelain fused to the outer surface. On front teeth sometimes an all ceramic restoration can give the best appearance and is strong without using any metal.  These are long term restorations used on severely damaged or discoloured teeth. Bridges are sometimes used to replace missing teeth by using existing teeth as supports. Modern materials give excellent cosmetic results.  

Straightening teeth

Orthodontics uses removable or fixed braces to align crooked teeth. By seeing children from an early age we can assess their treatment needs and refer on at the appropriate time to Orthodontic specialists. Adults may also feel unhappy with overcrowded teeth and they can likewise be assessed and referred if necessary to a specialist.

Missing teeth

Good cosmetic replacement of missing teeth can be achieved in different ways. Dentures of some form may be the best solution for a particular individual but implant technology is a well respected treatment today. It is not always the most appropriate treatment for everyone, as every patient is regarded as an individual with his or her own special requirements. As patients always see the same dentist, they are aware of those requirements and treatment can be given in the most appropriate way.